Kendall Boggs Fine Art



Kendall Boggs Fine Art specializes in unique, affordable artwork. Kendall brings passion into art in a decorative manner to fit your design needs.

"Staring Contest"

30 x 40

1,600 - SOLD


Staying "true" to her art, Kendall explores design trends without jeopardizing the integrity of her work. An impressionistic painter by nature, Kendall also reaches out of her comfort zone to create amazing abstracts, watercolors, and collage.

"Blue Drips"

40 x 40




While specializing in large format acrylics, Kendall also creates new forms of framing to compliment her work. Her current passion has been developing an extremely popular acrylic standoff frame and unique matting of her watercolours

The Feather Series


Hugely popular is Kendall's Feather series.  These original watercolours are 16 x 20 in size and come in many different colorways.  Using a "tie-dye"  effect, Kendall creates a fresh new look to watercolour.


Emotional Art


Church Series

Kendall calls her "Emotional Art" some of the most gratifying work that she has ever done.  Evoking an emotion simply by looking at the image on canvas.  Whether churches, angels, or crosses, she continually paints these series throughout the year.


Breaking Free Series

Unique collection of cross paintings


Angel Series

Angel paintings are a staple that Kendall has painted for years and years

Kendall Boggs

Kendall Boggs is known as a Southern innovative artist.  While staying "true" to her work", she is constantly evolving and creating new ideas in the art field.  Ten years ago, Kendall gave up a successful interior design business to become a full time painter.  Through that career change,  she has become known throughout the southeast for her peaceful, yet sometime feisty style.  Always using a type of texture in her work, Kendall loves to create movement in her pieces.  Whether it be paste or stain or watercolor or abstract, Kendall creates a dance on her surfaces.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother to 5, she loves to spend time with her family. When not painting, she enjoys traveling, tennis, golf, cooking and sewing.


Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Riverchase Loves Art - February 3, 2018


Cherokee Country Club, Atlanta, Ga February 27, 2018

Arbor Antiques Show/Roundtop, Texas

Tent D

March 26 - April 7

Wesleyan Artist Market 2018

Johns Creek, Georgia

St. Georges Academy Artist Market

Fall 2018

Fall Roundtop show at the Arbors

Commissioned Work

Kendall accepts commissions via e-mail.  As a previous Interior Designer, she has extensive knowledge

of size and colors to help with your design direction.  

Commission pricing:

16 x 20 - 425.00

20 x 20 - 525.00

24 x 24 - 675.00

30 x 30 - 950.00

36 x 36 - 1,400.00

30 x 40 - 1,800.00

40 x 40 - 2,200.00

48 x 48 - 3,500.00

*Acrylic stand off framing with brass accents - 18 x 24 - 395.00

*Paired with watercolor - 575.00